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I have been a moonshiner
Ever since that I've been born
I drunk up all my money
And I stilled up all my cor
I'll go up some dark holler
And put up my moonshine still
I'll make you one gallon
For a five dollar bill
I'll go up some dark holler
And get you some booze
If the revenuers don't get me
No money will I lose
That revenuer he tells me
He knows wrong from right
But there's a seal across his bottle
And his money's locked up tight
That reveneur don't own me
And I won't pay his till
I'll spend my days moonshining
And I guess I always will
Come all you moonshiners
And stand all in a row
You look so sad and lonesome
Your lonesomeness I know
God bless them pretty women
I wish they all were mine
Their breathe smells sweetly
Like good old moonshin

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