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Daddy's Never Here
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I was walking all alone, through a shabby part of town,
When I saw my little boys, busy playin’ with their toys.
Soon they stopped their happy rompin’, and they climbed into their wagon,
Tears filled my eyes, as the youngest started talkin’.
He said Jim did you hear, mommy cry again last night,
Oh daddy’s never here, and to me it don’t seem right.
Seems Jim if I was daddy, and had a wife as sweet as mommy,
I’d never drink, I’d stay home every night.
How come daddy’s always drinkin’, don’t he know the wrong he’s doing,
He tells us we don’t love him, that’s not right is it Jim.
There’s love in my heart for father, but I also love my mother,
We’ll have to make him understand, won’t we Jim.
I my hand I held a bottle, which I broke upon a stone,
I knew then how wrong I’d been, leaving my wife all alone.
I knew I’d never drink again, as I went home with my children,
And I heard him shouting mommy, mommy, daddy’s home again.
And I heard him shouting mommy, mommy, daddy’s home again.

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