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Bone Pickin'
Tab Benoit

I might bark at this
I might bark at that
And I might even bark at your mama's eat!
Little darlin', I ain't fetching no more sticks
Don't you go 'round thinking that your love will do the trick
This dog's got a bone to pick
Now every time I try to talk, you turn the other way
SO I guess I'll have to bark till you listen to what I say
Baby, you ain't getting off that quick
Don't you ho 'roung thinking that a kiss will do the trick
This dog's got a bone to pick
I'm living in your doghouse, and hungry all the time
And all I,ve been trying to do speak my mind
Now honey, oh I think I'm feeling sick
I just can't believe that you fell for that old trick
This dog's got as bone to pick

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