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Miss Baptiste
Waylon Thibodeaux

Oh ms. Baptiste, give me your daughter
Oh ms. Baptiste, give me your daughter
It's a stormy Monday night and I got to, got to go
With your little daugther out to Thibodeaux
They got a big dance hall and plenty room to dance
C'mon little lady, come and hold my hand
I'll bring her back home before the morning light
I'll hold her kind of clode, but not too tight
Let me take your daughter ou to have some fun
Cause Ms. Baptise, she's the only one
I've had some other gals that I've dated through time
All those other ladies were nice and fine
But all them orther woman ain't nothing but a tease
I want to date your daugther now, please, please, please

Copyright: Written by Waylon Thibodeaux
Published by Hot Steppin' Music, BMI

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